Barr Appoints The Relentless And Fair John Durham To Lead The Investigation Into 2016 Spying

A.G. Barr is not taking any chances when it comes to the investigation into the possible spying of the 2016 Trump Campaign. He has appointed the neutral and thorough John Durham to get to the bottom of it. Durham is no stranger to high profile cases as he has worked with both Dem and Republican White Houses.

He is aggressive, tireless and fair,” former U.S. attorney for Connecticut Deirdre Daly told Fox News in an interview Wednesday. “He has been tapped by the Justice Department under previous Democratic and Republican administrations to conduct sensitive and significant investigations, so he has done this before for both sides of the aisle, so to speak.”

“What’s critically important here is that he is independent and apolitical,” Daly said.

One of Durham’s highest-profile cases was in 1999, when former Attorney General Janet Reno, during former President Bill Clinton’s administration, asked him to probe the FBI’s handling of Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger. During that case, Durham helped to convict retired FBI agent John Connolly Jr., who was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison on racketeering charges related to his relationship with Bulger.”

“Later, Holder tapped Durham to lead the Justice Department’s investigation into whether it was legal for the CIA to use “enhanced” interrogation techniques.

“He has tremendous experience as both an investigator and a prosecutor,” Daly said. “He is also extremely familiar with the federal criminal justice system’s procedures, policies and practices.”

This is exactly who we need investigating this case. If the Dems try and pull some BS about the investigation being biased or some other tactic, Durham will surely shut them up with the simple and unadulterated truth.

By introducing him to the public they are preventing the media from twisting the results to their liking. Now we just need to get the results to see if the FBI under the Obama Adminstration was really as Comey puts it, by the book.

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