Behar Goes on Epic Rant Against the Mueller Report, Showing Just How Clueless Is Really Is

“The View” was on hiatus for a week, so they missed out on bashing Trump over the Mueller Report. Behar wanted to make up for this so she decided to come down on Mueller for not interviewing Trump.

But she didn’t stop there as she claimed Trump would easily perjure himself. The ladies on “The View” were, of course, upset that Trump will not be impeached over the report.

Behar started in on the Mueller Report.

“Can I say I was disappointed in the fact that Mueller didn’t actually interview Trump?” Behar asked her co-hosts.

“That would have been the nail in the coffin. He would have committed perjury and impeachment automatically. I was disappointed in that.”

“Recognizing that the President would not be interviewed voluntarily, we considered whether to issue a subpoena for his testimony. We viewed the written answers to be inadequate. But at that point, our investigation had made significant progress and had produced substantial evidence for our report.

“We thus weighed the costs of potentially lengthy constitutional litigation, with resulting delay in finishing our investigation, against the anticipated benefits for our investigation and report. We determined that the substantial quality of information we had obtained from other sources allowed us to draw relevant factual conclusions on intent and credibility, which are often inferred from circumstantial evidence and assessed without direct testimony from the subject of the investigation.”

“The answer he gave was it would take too much time and it would go into legal proceedings that would get convoluted,” Behar said.

“I say, so what? They did it to Clinton. Why couldn’t they do it to Trump? Because his lawyers impeded justice, in my opinion, by not allowing him to sit down, because they knew that he would commit perjury because he’s a liar.”

Whoopi then added her two cents.

“What p—ed me off is that don’t have anything in place that says, clearly enough to people so they don’t do it, if you try to get other people to break the law, that is a crime. That should be a crime,” she claimed.”

“For me this is what’s bothering me. The fact that we are now — we have clear evidence of thing we need to change in what a president can and cannot do and how, those are the things — for me that’s the what the Mueller report gave me.

“These are the things that need to change.”

Watch The Joy Behar hyping up the Mueller Report Here.


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