Ben Shapiro Cuts Through The Democrat’s Hypocrisy

The Democrats have been crying out for an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh since the allegation against him came to light. So now that there finally is an investigation they are whining that it is not good enough. They apparently want the investigation on their terms. This would likely mean an endless one that prevented Kavanaugh from ever getting appointed.

They don’t seem to truly care about Ford. If they had the allegation would have come out back in July. You could say that her allegation was a means to an end for the Democrats. Senator Graham even pointed out that the Democrats were doing many unethical things. But would they be so quick to push for an investigation if they were also investigated?

Ben Shapiro tackled this in a recent article where he pointed out how hypocritical these Democrats are.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, why aren’t you calling for a more complete FBI investigation into the alleged Chinese spy in your San Francisco office who served as your driver as well as a liaison to the Asian-American community in California? You say the FBI never informed you of any compromise of national security information, and that the staffer “never had access” to classified or sensitive information. But how could they know that without interviewing you and all the members of your staff? You have yet to call for an investigation into your own behavior, so obviously, you’re guilty.”

Sen. Dick Durbin? In 2014, an investigation by the Chicago Tribune found that your wife lobbied on behalf of clients who then received federal funding you promoted. Your office announced the grants, but you claimed you did “nothing in terms of securing the money.” So, how about a full investigation to get to the bottom of the matter?”

What about you, Sen. Richard Blumenthal? You asked Judge Kavanaugh whether he knew the legal term “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” – false on one thing, false on all. Well, senator, you’ve stated that you served in Vietnam despite the fact that you sought multiple deferments and then signed up for the Marine Reserve to avoid going to war. That seems rather dishonest. How about the FBI checks into your comments? You know, for the sake of honesty.”

Shapiro made short work of these hypocrites. You can read more here.

And they had the nerve to come out against Kavanaugh…

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