Bernie Sanders Gives Dems Another Reason Not To Vote For Him

The Frontrunning Dem Presidential Candidates all have one thing in common, they are in their 70’s. Whereas that may be a good thing as with age comes wisdom, it also has a serious downfall and that is health. Bernie Sanders, 78, is leading the pack in the age category as he is two years older than Biden and 8 years older than Warren. But it appears Sanders’s body is not boding well with all the campaigning as he was recently hospitalized and is taking some to recover.

Senator Bernie Sanders was recovering in a Las Vegas hospital on Wednesday after being treated for blockage of an artery, forcing him to cancel his events in the coming days and casting uncertainty over a candidacy already struggling to win new voters.

Mr. Sanders, 78, experienced “some chest discomfort” at an event Tuesday night, said Jeff Weaver, a longtime adviser; a medical evaluation found blockage in one artery, and two stents were inserted.

Mr. Sanders’s hospitalization is likely to intensify the focus on age in the Democratic race, even as much of the public debate has centered on policies like health care and immigration. The three leading Democratic candidates, as well as the president they are vying to challenge, are all in their 70s. One of those Democrats, Joseph R. Biden Jr., 76, has drawn his own age-related scrutiny because of his sometimes rambling discourses and uneven answers in debates.

Campaign aides did not provide any further information about Mr. Sanders’s condition and they have not said whether he had suffered a heart attack or whether he was just experiencing chest pain.”

Inserting stents into arteries is common in the United States — there are at least 600,000 such procedures a year, and perhaps up to one million. It is usually uncomplicated, and patients return home within a day or two.

“The prognosis is very good,” said Dr. Steven Nissen, chief academic officer of the Heart and Vascular Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. “Most patients are home the next day and back to work very quickly.” He said he did not see it as an impediment to returning to the campaign trail.”

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But the health of his campaign is a whole different issue.

When Mr. Sanders returns to the campaign, he may find what was already his biggest challenge — finding new converts to his mission — to be even more difficult.

“I do think this makes it harder for him to persuade new supporters to come into his column because this will at least be in the back of people’s minds,” said Erik Smith, a longtime Democratic strategist.”

Sanders was already struggling before his hospitalization. In many polls, Warren is a close second to Biden and Sanders is trailing far behind them. So this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. How are Dems supposed to have confidence in a candidate that may not be able to make it through a full presidential term?

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