ENEMY OF THE STATE? Biden Bashes Trump For Trying To Advance American Interests

Former VP Biden is trying to keep his lead as Dem frontrunner.

But instead of attacking the other candidates, as they have been going after him, he is trying to focus all of the hate on the president. Biden went on a rant about Trump during a speech he gave in New York about Foreign Policy.

Rather than focus on his opponents in the primary, Biden centered his remarks on Trump, portraying himself as the antithesis of—and even the savior from—the 45th president.

Trump’s “erratic policies and failures to uphold basic democratic principles have muddled our reputation and our place in the world, and I think, quite frankly, our ability to lead the world,” Biden said.

The former vice president, who served under Obama, went on to castigate Trump as a threat to democracy, both at home and abroad. Biden focused on Trump’s “coddling of dictators,” saying the president “plays the role of a strongman” by deferring to Russian president Vladimir Putin, refusing to condemn Saudi Arabia for killing dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and “falling in love” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“The world,” Biden added, “sees Trump for what he is: insincere, ill-informed, impulsive, and sometimes corrupt, dangerously incompetent, and, in my view, incapable of world leadership and leadership at home.”

But Biden is no stranger to dictators.

Biden himself has tried to reach out to authoritarians to form closer relationships in the name of advancing American interests. During the Obama administration, for example, he sought to create a “commission” with Putin—a relationship that, according to Hillary Clinton, could have “produce[d] a larger bargain.”

Around the same time, in 2011, Biden said that he “fully understands” China’s one-child policy, under which the Chinese government limited the number of children that families could have. Biden later walked back his remarks.

As vice president, he also campaigned for the nuclear deal with Iran, which involved giving the autocratic regime in Tehran billions of dollars and, over time, lifting bans on its abilities to import conventional weapons and build ballistic missiles.”

Biden is just trying to get the attention off him and back onto Trump.

Kamala Harris attacked Biden in a recent debate lying in the process and somehow gained a huge bump in the polls. I wonder how many attacks it will take from his own party to lose the lead.

The former VP is clearly jealous of Trump’s ability to improve relations with previously hostile countries. This is a trait we should all be thankful that Trump has.

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