Biden Claims To Have A Healthcare Plan But “Doesn’t Have Time” To Explain It

Someone must have forgotten to tell former Vice President Joe Biden what to think. When asked about his healthcare plan if he were to win in 2020, the former VP couldn’t be ‘bothered’ to explain.

Biden couldn’t offer even a glimpse of his idea on what healthcare should be leading most to believe he doesn’t have a plan. More likely than not, he doesn’t.

The Washington Examiner broke this story:
“Joe Biden won’t give details on how he plans to offer a public healthcare option for Americans.

Throughout his tour of Iowa and South Carolina, Biden has repeatedly stressed how healthcare is now a “human right” and that he will help finish the job of Obamacare by creating the ability for Americans to buy into Medicare instead of relying on private health insurance.

In South Carolina, Biden spoke again about a Medicare buy-in program, but declined to point to a specific bill. He said in Iowa City last week: “I don’t have time; I don’t want to keep you standing any longer.”

Despite what creepy and super lazy Joe may have thought, his ‘clever’ response sparked a ton of criticism from both sides.

One commenter jokingly said: “he’ll have one as soon as somebody tells him what it is………… conservatives are so critical”

Another asked: “WTF happened to BFDcare?”

Another: “Biden is a low-functioning, empty-headed layabout, all qualities that have made him a prominent Democrat for almost half of a century.”

THIS is who Dems think will beat the President in 2020? Trump has been the most transparent President The United States has seen in his century but Democrats would rather be sold a bunch of lies and uncertainties than hear the truth!

What do you think Biden’s plan for healthcare will be? Maybe the Venezuelan package that gets them rich while the sick get sicker? Let us know in the comments below.

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