Gillibrand Proves She Has No Chance In This Election

The Democrat Presidential Candidates started attacking each other during a heated debate among the candidates. Gillibrand decided to go after Biden for his past remarks on women. She was by no means prepared for his honest answer.

“What did you mean when you said when a woman works outside the home, it’s resulting in ‘the deterioration of family,’” Gillibrand stated. “These are quotes. It was the title of the op-ed and that just causes concern for me because we know America’s women are working. Four out of 10 moms have to work they are the primary or sole wage earners they actually have to put food on the table… either you don’t believe it today or what did you mean when you said it then?”

“In the very beginning, my deceased wife worked but we had children. My present wife has worked all the way through raising our children. The fact of the matter is the situation is one that I don’t know what’s happened. I wrote the violence against women act…I was deeply involved in making sure there were equal pay amendments, I was deeply involved in all these things. I came up with the ‘it’s on us’ proposal to see to it that women were treated more decently on college campuses.

“You came to Syracuse University with me and said it was wonderful, I’m passionate about the concern making sure women are treated equally,” Biden said, recalling Gillibrand’s past praise. “I don’t know what’s happened except that you’re now running for president.”

The audience cheered at his answer.

Watch The Video Below.

Gillibrand was referring to an Op-Ed that Biden wrote back in 1981.

“That was a long time ago and here’s what it’s about. It would have given people making today $100,000 a year a tax break for child care. I didn’t want that. I wanted the child care to go to people making less than $100,000. An that’s what it was about. As a single father who, in fact, raised three children for five years by myself, I have some idea of what it costs. I support making sure that every single solitary person needing child care get an $8,000 tax credit now,” Biden claimed.

If Gillibrand can’t handle Biden she stands no chance against Trump.

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