Biden Just Turned His Back On Another Ally And Worse

This is just outright disgraceful on our part. You’d think this would be a no-brainer and that the Biden Admin would jump at the chance for some positive PR, with all of the screw-ups. But, No. South Korea did us a great service and brought back the remains of fallen American soldiers from the Korean War. The South Korean president came and delivered the remains himself. But was Biden there, No. Kamala, No. Hell, I could keep going, we sent an Admiral to meet with the president of South Korea, showing the least amount of respect for the fallen Americans and the leader of a country we are allied with…

A very special ceremony took place in Hawaii yesterday, or several of them actually, but you probably didn’t see it covered on many cable news outlets or in our larger newspapers. South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his wife arrived on the island of Oahu with an honor guard. They were there to repatriate the remains of six United States military members and nearly seventy South Korean soldiers who fell during the Korean War. The ceremonies were performed in the appropriately solemn fashion you would expect when our long-overdue troops are finally returned to take up their final resting place on American soil. Moon Jae-in also awarded distinguished service medals posthumously to two Korean immigrant soldiers. There was one notably absent aspect to these ceremonies, however. The White House didn’t dispatch any high-level officials to greet the South Korean president or participate in the ceremonies at the joint base at Pearl Harbor. He was instead met by Admiral John Aquilino, commander of the Indo-Pacific Command.”

“Moon Jae-in is the President of a nation that has stood as one of our staunchest military and diplomatic allies since before most of us were born and they sit on the front line of one of the most incendiary hotspots on the planet. He came to the United States from halfway around the world to fulfill a sacred obligation to our country.”

So Biden was snubbing our ally and fallen Americans at the same time. This presidency is just painful.

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