Biden’s Weakness On Full Display With His Latest Move

Biden becoming president is the best thing that could happen for our adversaries. Now they can do whatever they want and Biden is just going to bark at them or worse be unaware of it. Trump got us out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. He felt it was a bad deal for America and wanted to make a new one. He strong-armed Iran and if he had had another four years he would have made a better deal with them. But we have Biden and Iran feels they can handle him. So they are refusing to come to the table for a new nuclear deal and instead of playing hardball, Biden is ready to give them whatever they want, which unfortunately includes disarming our allies.

The Biden Defense Department ordered the removal last month of several U.S. anti-missile batteries installed across the Middle East, citing the diminished threat from Iran. At least eight Patriot anti-missile systems were erected in allied countries—including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait—as part of the Trump administration’s bid to deter Iranian attacks.

Rep. Bryan Steil (R., Wis.), a member of the Republican Study Committee’s foreign affairs task force, is demanding the Biden administration brief Congress about its decision, which he worries could be part of an effort to appease Iran as nuclear talks stall in Vienna. The Biden administration has already provided Iran with a limited amount of relief from American sanctions, but Iran has been clear it wants more. The removal of this military equipment, Steil says, was pushed through even though Iranian-backed militants continue to attack U.S. allies and military assets in the region, including at least 100 strikes on Saudi Arabia this year alone. Iranian militias in Iraq also have taken responsibility for strikes on American targets in the country.”

We respectfully request a member of your administration provide a briefing to relevant congressional committees on all of the conversations between your administration and any countries that led to this action,” Steil wrote in a letter to Biden.”

I don’t know what’s worse? When Biden is coherent and makes us look weak, with his poor leadership skills or when he gets in front of the camera and doesn’t where/who he is. Dems should be ashamed of themselves. They put their weakest option forward and tried to cover up his dementia, thereby jeopardizing our country.

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