Big Blue State’s New ‘Green Plan’ Will Make You Sick!

In recent years new ideas have come to light on how to deal with our dead. The traditional casket or cremation are apparently not good enough for some.

There are now plans to plant your loved one with a tree, or even make a stone out of their remains. But the state of Washington is now allowing for a new plan for your loved ones, composting.

Gov. Jay Inslee, the Democrat from Washington, signed a bill into law on Tuesday that allows the composting of human bodies as an alternative to burials and cremations.

The Evergreen state is the first state to approve the measure after an earlier trial study that involved six backers who agreed to the organic reduction. The results were positive and the “soil smelled like soil and nothing else.”

The bodies are “mixed with substances like wood chips into about two wheelbarrows’ worth of soil in a span of several weeks,” Fox explains. The resulting compost can then be used by loved ones.

“Subject to the terms of the document of gift and the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, a person that accepts an anatomical gift of an entire body may allow embalming, burial, alkaline hydrolysis, natural organic reduction, and use of remains in a funeral service,” the senate report explains (excerpt below).

“It gives meaning and use to what happens to our bodies after death,” said People’s Memorial Association Executive Dir. Nora Menkin, Fox reports.”

It feels like a step removed from eating people almost Soylent Green like. If you fertilize your garden with a relative’s remains in a way you are eating your relative. This is a weird and cold concept. Can you imagine spreading out your loved one in a garden or with mulch?

But I guess it is similar to the idea of burying your loved one with a tree which is also a trend now.

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