Bill Maher: Dems Will Lose in 2020 Due to Immigration

Bill Maher was actually the voice of reason as he claims that Dems need to stop catering to only half of the country. Maher told Dems that Immigration is a big deal and that Dems needs to stop trying to only get the Dem votes they need to find some middle ground if they want to stand a chance in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

“Immigration, you are going to lose to the kids in cages guy? If you are not as Left as the Democrats are now on immigration, I don’t think so.”

Cornell Belcher, a panelist, claimed that the Dems should have this election in the bag as a poll claims 54% of Americans said they will not vote for Trump. He was quickly reminded about the electoral college and the third party which some feel ruined Hillary chance to win the 2016 election.

“If it becomes a ‘woke’ contest, then the Democrats lose on this,” Maher said. “Yes, they look better, but it’s impossible not to look better next to him!”

Panelist Wendy Sherman, who served in the State Department during the Obama administration, told Maher that Trump “created this immigration crisis,” pointing to his administration’s decisions on cutting aid to Central American countries, separating migrant families and “putting kids in cages.”

Maher, however, only chuckled at her remarks.

“This is what Democrats say, which only gets other Democrats,” Maher told Sherman. “This is not the speech that is going to win any [swing] voters. You’ve [already] got the compassion vote!”

Watch The Full Episode Here. 

Maher and his guests go on complaining that Trump has conned Americans to vote for him. This is just more Dem propaganda. Trump is actually addressing the immigration issue by strengthening border security. The Republicans have been fighting an uphill battle when it comes to immigration. It seems that Dems are doing everything in their power to try and help migrants cross into our country illegally.

Trump is not conning America he is doing his best to try and keep us safe. The Dems are just trying to demonize Trump because he is showing them up.

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