Blabbering Progressive Finds Out She Can’t Debate Second Amendment With Colion Noir [Video]

Uneducated anti-gun progressive, Neera Tanden, found herself backed against the wall when she challenged Noir. Luckily for her, the embarrassed Bill Maher steps into the rescue. Maher cuts the conversation off after it becomes clear Tanden cannot answer Noir’s question.

According to The Daily Beast, The comedian welcomed Colion Noir, self-proclaimed “gun nut” and host of NRATV’s web series NOIR, onto his HBO program. But instead of challenging the mendacious gun lobbyist, Maher presided over a bizarre—and ill-informed—love-in.

Michael Smerconish: No disrespect to either of you, but we’re never going to get anywhere on this issue. The best we can hope for is a better integration of data because I’m sick and tired of reading in the news media the following day, “Well there was this warning sign, and this agency new this.” The left hand and the right hand are not coordinating.

Noir: And I don’t disagree with that at all. The last point I want to make, with respect to— you’ve seen the number of guns up there and you feel a certain type of way. I look at guns differently than you do. And there was a point in time where I looked at them probably the same way you do. Right? I had about as organic progression of firearm ownership as one can have. I was against guns. I didn’t like them. BUT I went to the range one time and shot a gun and that changed things for me. And so now I can see a myriad of reasons why someone would own a firearm, whether it be recreation sports, collecting, so on and so forth. When I see those number of guns up there, my mind doesn’t automatically go to, “Oh my God, that’s horrible, that’s bad.”

Tanden: Okay, I totally hear what you’re saying, I guess what I’m saying to you is — what you’re trying to do is say that Progressives, liberals, whatever want to ban guns. No one is saying ban your gun. We’re saying regulate them. So people with mental illness, have background checks, a variety of things, a certain type of gun. No one is saying you can’t have a gun. And I know the NRA always wants to say “people are saying ban guns” but they’re not.

Tanden: They’re simply saying, for my safety and the protection of children and other people, you should—we should have regulations, like background checks on every single gun.

Noir: Now how would you enforce that?

Tanden: As we’ve done in the past.

Noir: If you’re going to suggest a solution at least have something that’s enforceable, right?

For which, Tanden offers absolutely no answer. Proving to reasonable viewers that, aside from delivering common talking points, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

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