Bloomberg Gives A Fat Check To David Hogg – Then What He Tells Him Is Outrageous!

Democratic billionaire gives Parkland activist, David Hogg, a check for his work against the NRA.

This happened just before a Florida officer was suspended for his comments about Hogg. Albert Arenal, the Coconut Creek police chief, announced Tuesday that he had suspended the officer, Brian Valenti, for five days without pay for posting a comment about David Hogg, a high school senior and survivor of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school.

Hogg had organized Friday a “die-in” at the Publix supermarket chain over its support of a pro-NRA gubernatorial. Valenti posted he hoped “some old lady loses control of her car in that lot” under a photo of Hogg.

As Written By Lois Beckett With The Guardian:

On Monday, the former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg presented Hogg with an award for citizen activism from the Common Good, a non-profit founded by entertainment industry leaders. Bloomberg, a billionaire gun control advocate who funds the country’s largest gun violence prevention group, Everytown for Gun Safety, was previously one of the NRA’s most reviled opponents. Bloomberg called Hogg “an inspiring young man”. He also presented Hogg with a check for $2,500 to go towards his future college tuition. His advice to the 18-year-old, Bloomberg said, was to “start out by finishing high school and then go to college”.

A poll earlier this spring found that nearly a quarter of respondents believed that the Parkland students were “being manipulated by outside groups” rather than advocating for issues they really believe in…
You read that right. Hogg for Congress? I wonder if Bloomberg will fund Hogg’s Campaign? Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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