Booker Claims There Is Nothing Wrong With A Mandatory Gun Buyback

Dem Presidential Candidate Corey Booker thinks that people are putting a negative connotation on the term “Mandatory Buyback” by calling it what it is: Gun Confiscation. He thinks there is nothing wrong with forcing lawful American to give-up their guns. He like most Dems blames the tool not the person wielding it.

Booker was interviewed by CNN’s John Berman where they talked about Gun Confiscation.

“Well look, I hate when Democrats use the language that Republicans try to use to scare people away, as opposed to sort of the pragmatism and practicality of this,” Booker claimed “In the 1980s, we said machine guns don’t belong on our streets and we banned them and we don’t see those in mass shootings, we don’t see them in neighborhoods like mine doing kind of damage.”

“We have seen around this world, countries have said enough of these assault rifles. They dealt with the problem and they got them off their streets. These weapons should not be in this country, they should not be allowed to be accessed by folks who are trying to do such evil things. We can find practical ways to end the nightmare of these weapons that belong in military theaters and not neighborhoods and communities we can get it done.”

“How do you get it done?” Berman Asked Booker.

“The same way you get machine guns done. This is the thing, we are capable of doing it. Other countries have been and we have done it in the past,” Booker told Berman. “You have to set up a system that is mandatory, you have to set up a system to pull them off, but this idea, this imagery that the fear-mongers and demagogues try to say of somehow armed police officers showing up and confiscating weapons, that’s the fear-mongering. And people trying to obscure and make people forget what we have done before as a nation with machine guns, what other nations have done with assault rifles.”

“This does not have to be what the imagery and the fear-mongering showing up…We have evidence-based models of how to get this done in a peaceful way where America as a whole… and by the way, the majority of Americans believe that these weapons do not belong on our streets and neighborhoods,” Booker stated. “This is not something beyond us and I’m not going to let the fear-mongers and the demagogues win the day on this.”

“We have a crisis in this country. It must end and we must do the common sense things to get it done,” he concluded.

Watch The Video Below. ( Mandatory Gun Buyback Starts @ 5:12)

This is just Booker trying to candy-coat gun confiscation. Mandatory buyback is just a nice way to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens. But how nice is it really to disarm Americans? The right to bear arms is all about having the ability to stop tyranny and an AR-15 fits the bill for that reason. Handguns and hunting rifles are great for self-defense and hunting but our bill of rights added the second amendment to protect the people. Our forefathers had fought against tyranny and understood that our citizens need to be able to defend against a future instance. But Dems, like Corey Booker, don’t care about that. They would rather leave us defenseless and unable to hunt as well. It’s not fearmongering that Booker is combating, it’s the truth.

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