BOOM! Recent Poll Shows Stubborn Dem Lost Favor in Govt Shutdown Fight

The Govt shutdown is over, for at least for a little while.

Trump saw that the Dems were going to continue to let the people suffer, whether it be by the border or those that were temporarily put out of work.

But to the Democrat’s surprise it turns out that Trump was not that one that lost a significant amount of favor, instead, Nancy Pelosi took the hit. A recent poll shows the public is upset with how she handled things, more so than Trump.

The mainstream media, of course, tried to focus on Trump as he is their go-to person to bash. But they overlooked that Nancy Pelosi actually lost more favor than Trump or anyone else for that matter.

In the previous poll, Pelosi had nearly a 50% approval rating. In the most recent poll, that number tanked nearly 20 points, leaving her competing for “least liked politician” with the president, whose numbers moved only twelve points.”

Pelosi certainly believes she won the faceoff, telling CNN on Friday of last week that the shutdown was a “crisis Trump created,” after the president called off the nearly five-week-long stalemate, even though neither side had changed position since December on the issue of his border wall. News media also quickly declared Pelosi the primary victor, and crowned the Democrats the “winners.”

As of Saturday, the government will remain open for at least another three weeks, during which time both sides will return to the bargaining table in an effort to find a long-term budget agreement that includes funding for at least seven separate agencies currently relying on a “continuing resolution” to continue operating.”

The new deal must also have funding for the border on order for Trump to sign off on it.

The Democrats may have won the wall stalemate for now, but it looks like the Democrats took the heavier hit when it comes to public favor. I wonder if this will make them rethink their position on Border Security in the upcoming weeks?

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