Border Patrol: “We’ve Lost Control Of The Border”

Harris Faulkner interviewed Border Patrol Agent and Council member Hector Garza. Garza immediately let Faulkner know that they are being overrun and are out manned.

“As we learn more about this plan what impresses you as far as how it will impact the border patrol?” Faulkner asked.

“First of all, I want to make it very clear Harris, that we’ve lost control of the border, as we are right now.” Vice President of Border Patrol Council Hector Garza claimed. “And we have to make sure that we do come up with a plan. and even though we haven’t gotten all of the details on president Trump’s plan, our president The National Border Control Council, Brandon Judd, will be having a phone conference with The White House Staff later today. We will be getting more details.”

However, as Border Patrol Agents we will support language or plans or bills or legislation that will actually achieve border security. As it is right now, we are having a very hard time at the border. We support some of the actions by Lindsey Graham and we want to make sure that we do support some of the actions President Trump is trying to achieve, to secure the border.”

Faulker focused in on how Garza said: “We’ve lost control of the border” and asked him to explain.

“Our Border Patrol chief has mentioned that over 50 percent of our agents are not securing the border and they’re now actually processing, transporting, and carrying for some of these asylum seekers. I would challenge that percentage and put that percentage somewhere in the range of 75%. What we’re seeing is that we’re not securing the border. We’re not out there catching those drug dealers, or those drug smugglers, or those human smugglers.”

“We are getting overrun at the border, not just the humanitarian crisis but just in the border in general when dealing with these drug smugglers and human smugglers. So yeah, we have lost control of the border Harris.”

Watch The Video Below.

We need more of this. We need more coverage of Border Patrol Agents and the Crisis that the MSM is ignoring. Trump and Graham are working on the border but we need people to understand the importance. The MSM is making it out like it is no big deal. But these migrants are not all asylum seekers there are plenty of criminals mixed in. This is not the days of old where a few fruit picking came through this is mass migration. We need to start taking this seriously.

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