Brady Bunch Home Selling For Nearly $1.9M – Concerns Rise That Buyer May Tear It Down

For years, the iconic house featured in the popular sitcom “The Brady Brunch” has drawn in a steady stream of fans hoping to pose for photos in front of the property. And now, the home is up for sale for nearly $1.9 million — though it’s possible the buyers would want to tear it down, Fox News reports.

The American sitcom, ‘The Brady Bunch‘, created by Sherwood Schwartz that aired from September 26, 1969, to March 8, 1974, on ABC. The series revolves around a large blended family with six children. Considered one of the last of the old-style family sitcoms, the series aired for five seasons and, after its cancellation in 1974, went into syndication in September 1975. While the series was never a critical or rating success during its original run, it has since become a popular staple in syndication, especially among children and teenaged viewers.

The home is noted as being the second most photographed home in the United States, second only to the White House. Fans hope that whoever purchases the home will choose to preserve this piece of American entertainment but experts say that it is just as likely to be torn down by the new owners.

Some argue that at the very least the home could be up for some major renovations. The 3 bathroom – two bath home does have somewhat of an odd floor plan. Take a look.

According to Wikipedia, The house used in exterior shots, which bears little relation to the interior layout of the Bradys’ home, is located in Studio City, within the city limits of Los Angeles. According to a 1994 article in the Los Angeles Times, the San Fernando Valley house was built in 1959 and selected as the Brady residence because series creator Schwartz felt it looked like a home where an architect would live.

 A false window was attached to the front’s A-frame section to give the illusion that it had two full stories. Contemporary establishing shots of the house were filmed with the owner’s permission for the 1990 TV series The Bradys. The owner refused to allow Paramount to restore the property to its 1969 look for The Brady Bunch Movie in 1995, so a facade resembling the original home was built around an existing house. In 2018, the house was for sale, with an asking price of $1.885 million.

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