BREAKING: JUDGE DECLARES MISTRIAL On Manafort Case – Trump Reacts [Video]

Paul Manafort, lawyer and political consultant, e joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team in March 2016, and was campaign chairman from June to August 2016. Manafort has spent the year in court over multiple counts of tax evasion as well as other counts.

He was given a small break by a judge who declared a mistrial. It’s likely, though, that minor relief will be short lived as the witchhunt continues.

According to Fox News, after four days of deliberations, the jury told Judge T.S. Ellis III on Tuesday afternoon that it could not come to a decision on ten other counts related to financial crimes. A mistrial was declared on those counts.

“I feel very badly for Paul Manafort,” Trump told reporters Tuesday evening after landing in West Virginia for a political rally.

“It has nothing to do with Russian collusion,” Trump added, calling Mueller’s probe a “witch hunt.”

The jury began deliberating last Thursday after a three-week trial where prosecutors said Manafort hid income earned from political work overseas from the IRS while fraudulently obtaining millions in bank loans. Manafort, 69, had pleaded not guilty to all 18 counts.

Fresh off of AirForce One, the President spoke to the press shortly after he landed in Charleston, West Virginia as he headed to his rally.

“It doesn’t involve me but I still feel really sad…you know it’s a very sad thing that happened. This has nothing to do with Russian collusion. This started as Russian collusion…this has absolutely nothing to do…this is a witch hunt and it’s a disgrace,” Trump said.

President Trump also said that he feels very bad for Paul Manafort. “He worked for Bob Dole, he worked for Ronald Reagan…” Trump continued.

The Gateway Pundit reported, shortly after the jurors were dismissed, one of Manafort’s lawyers, Kevin Downing thanked the judge and jurors for giving Manafort a fair trial.

‘Manafort is evaluating all of his options at this point,’ Downing told reporters outside of the Alexandria, VA courthouse.

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