Britain Hippies Attempt To Stop A U.S. Food Import – But Are Their Reasons Valid?

The Poultry Industry is huge, especially in America. Many Americans are trying to cut back on the carbs and bulk up on protein. “The USDA forecasts the average person will down almost 10 ounces of meat and poultry each day in 2018.” That’s probably for the best as carbs equate to sugar and fat but what if the Chicken is not as safe as we all think it is?

The US is currently in negotiations to start supplying chicken overseas to a Britain. But it turns out that Britain may have an issue with our chicken. The US Poultry Industry cleans their chicken with chlorinated water in order to kill bacteria and germs. Unfortunately, this is not as effective as they may lead the public to believe.

The investigation, by a team of microbiologists from Southampton University and published in the US journal mBio, found that bacilli such as listeria and salmonella remain completely active after chlorine washing. The process merely makes it impossible to culture them in the lab, giving a false impression that the chlorine washing has been effective.”

So that means we are bringing in chicken to our homes that may be contaminated with salmonella and listeria. If the chicken is cooked properly this will not be an issue as far as eating it goes. But this could cause people health issues. Especially if they don’t clean their cutting board and knives after using them on the raw chicken.

But Salmonella and Listeria are not limited to US Chickens as even Britain had this issue before.

“Infection is a recognized hazard of all intensive poultry farming and the UK is not immune, with campylobacter regarded as a major problem within the British chicken flock. Incidences of human illness as a result of Campylobacter peaked at nearly 115 per 100,000 of the UK population in 2012, but have since declined as new contamination control measures have been put in place.”

A US Poultry Rep commented on these findings.

“Tom Super of the National Chicken Council, the trade association for American chicken farmers, described the concerns over chlorine washing raised by the new study as “silly”, and stressed that America is the second-largest exporter of chicken in the world. “We export product safely to more than 100 countries around the globe,” he said. “We’ve been feeding the same chicken to our families for decades. This has never been an issue of science, rather one of politics and protectionism.”

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