Broaddrick BLASTS Self-Proclaimed ‘Victim Supporter’ Milano Over Clinton Tweet

The Democrats love to hate on Kavanaugh over his allegations. They are up in arms over his supposed misconduct. But what about Slick Willy, former President Bill Clinton? Does he somehow get a pass? He has had numerous accusations and yet the Liberals go silent when you talk about his misconduct. As if they are only selectively concerned about these victims. #Metoo activist Alyssa Milano has been more than a little outspoken about how she feels about Kavanaugh.

The Many Lies Of Brett Kavanaugh Brett Kavanaugh has already proven himself unfit to sit on the Supreme Court, with a well-documented avalanche of lies—some under oath. Disqualifying right, ⁦⁩?”

If professor Christine Blasey Ford is to be believed, and I believe she is, Brett Kavanaugh is a sexual predator.”

We cannot confirm Brett Kavanaugh. We cannot allow another generation of women and children to grow up knowing their government and those acting in its name see us as less than human.

We cannot let Kavanaugh and Trump be the lasting face of who we are as a nation.”

But while she may claim to be a victims advocate now it seems she felt a little different when it came to known sex offender Bill Clinton back in 2012. And just to clarify I mean known as in paid off an accuser $850,000.That just screams guilt. But Milano didn’t call out Clinton or berate him, in fact, she did the opposite.


So do Democrats just get a pass when it comes to sexual assault? Milano’s tweet sure goes against what she is currently preaching. But then again she is against Kavanaugh who is only an alleged perpetrator so maybe only the truly guilty get a pass.

Juanita Broaddrick noticed that Milano was full of it and called her out on Twitter.

Could you give us an update on this tweet @Alyssa_Milano REAL victims of Bill Clinton would like to hear from you or will you continue with your double standard bullshit?”

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