Broward County Elections Supervisor To Be ‘Forced From Office’ After Violating Florida Law, Says Report

Broward County has failed big time when it comes to the midterms. There are claims of ballot destruction, failure to report counts, and counting votes of illegals. It has got to the point that Broward County’s votes may as well be discounted. Brenda Snipes is the current Supervisor of Broward County Elections and her leadership has led to this mess. But her time as Supervisor may be coming to an end.

It is rumored that Governor Scott or his successor will remove Snipes for her incompetence. Senator Marco Rubio commented about the need to remove Snipes.

“This is not just the most troubled elections office in the state, it’s the most troubled elections office in the nation,” said Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

“She has shown she’s incapable of conducting a large and important election in a way that inspires public confidence and trust,” Rubio said. “She’s been found to have destroyed ballots, in violation of the law. Opened absentee ballots early, in violation of the law. Misprinted ballots that have gone out.”

Snipes has lawyered up with attorney Burnadette Norris-Weeks. Norris-Weeks believes these criticisms and push for Snipe’s removal are unjustified.

“Political gamesmanship at its best,” Norris-Weeks said via email. “The Broward County and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections (and the canvassing boards for both counties) have done nothing more than count all votes as required by law. Ridiculous!”

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If Snipes is suspended by the governor, incoming Florida state Senate President Bill Galvano said it’s time to have his chamber investigate and prepare to strike the final blow by removing her from office — just as the chamber did to her predecessor, Miriam Oliphant, for mismanaging the 2002 Democratic gubernatorial primary.

“What she’s demonstrated over the years is a series of mistakes that rise above the level of negligence and into incompetence,” Galvano said. “We can’t continue to keep ignoring this and every option should be on the table.”

It’s amazing that her lawyer can say it’s unjustified. Snipes oversees the votes, if there are problems she needs to bring attention to them. It looks like she was slacking on the job and her removal is more than justified.

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