Buttigieg Claims Trump Is Wrong To Ask About Citizenship On The Census

Dem Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg came after Trump, claiming he is wrong to ask about the citizenship status of a Census participant. He said as much in an interview on MSNBC with Craig Melvin.

“This is racially and politically motivated manipulation of the census. It makes the whole country worse off. It leads to underrepresentation,”

“It’ll lead to an undercount and in a community like mine, an industrial midwest city that is finally growing but would not be seen to be growing if you netted out immigration, it threatens our ability to get access to resources. There’s a reason why the courts ruled that this is wrong. I’ll let other scholars talk about why the president’s actions may be unconstitutional, but it’s very clear that it’s wrong.”

He then talked about the upcoming raids where ICE will be deporting illegals.

“This makes America less safe. Look, I don’t think anybody disagrees that there ought to be law enforcement protecting people from danger. That’s not what this is about. This is targeting people who are caught in a broken system where there should be a pathway to citizenship. And again, in a community like mine, if rumors start going on about raids — let alone if it actually starts happening, it immediately makes the community less safe. It makes people less likely to participate in the economy, less likely to talk to law enforcement when they need help dealing with something that really is a matter of danger.”

“It’s really designed to strike fear into people at a moment when fear is something we’ve got way too much of in this country. And it’s masking the fact there’s been a total failure on the part of the administration to deliver any kind of real immigration reform that there’s actually bipartisan support for doing,” he said.

“The American people are ready for immigration reform that creates pathways to citizenship, protects dreamers, sorts out our lawful immigration system … and does whatever we need to do on border security. But the president won’t get it done because he needs this to be a crisis rather than an issue that’s actually been solved.”

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No, Trump is right to want to ask that question. The federal government should not be using the money taken from us as taxes, and giving it to illegals who work under the table and don’t pay income taxes. It is not right that our money should go to them. Dems are just upset as they want more money to fund their sanctuary cities. So they don’t want that data revealed. It’s expensive to harbor illegals.

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