California Governor Claims The Republican Party Is On It’s Way Out

California Governor Gavin Newsom made some laughable claims about the Republican party and Toxic Masculinity. He claimed that ‘man-up’ is a weak phrase and is part of the reason that the Republicans party will soon face its demise.

Newsom was interviewed by Axios, where he expressed his odd opinions, including his unfounded belief that the Republican party is on the way out.

“You said “that the most dangerous words in the English language are ‘man-up’, ‘be a man’ and ‘don’t be a sissy.’ Like really those are the most dangerous words?” The Axios interviewer questioned.

“Yea, I think a lot of things can be explained in that respect,” Newsom responded. “What was the most interesting part of this election, 2016, is the number of white men of working age, that aren’t working any longer.”

“Like most people would say it’s just an expression like ‘man up,’ ‘toughen up.’ The interviewer said stressing that these are not usually considered offensive terms.

“Well, ‘man up’ that sort of reinforces the frame,” Newsom answered.

“But you are saying that is super dangerous?” 

“Yea, I think it is a weak thing to say, it’s weak.”

The Axios interviewer then went on to say that Newsom couldn’t possibly understand the perspective of a Trump supporter.

Newsom explained that he spent 50 years of his life living in the reddest and most rural part of the state. So he has a deep respect for these people. He just didn’t want them to be “lied to.” He said he “actually cares about them,” he’s “not using them as pawns.”

He then moved on to the Dems staple of bashing Trump.

“You think Trump cares about them? He’s a sole practitioner.” Newsom claimed. “You think they are being protected?”

“They are getting a completely raw deal. They have been sold a complete bill of B.S.,” Newsom claimed.

“Trump, he’s a nostalgic guy, but he is not necessarily moored to history.” “And that’s what he’s exploiting.”

“And here’s the real story,” Newsom said. “The Republican Party was walked off a cliff. They’re third-party status…And they don’t even know what’s about to hit them. I honestly am empathetic toward what they are about to experience, which is a profound demise because of their own making, and until you have some courageous Republicans that stand up and actually make an argument for conservatism…they are finished.”

Watch The Video Below. 

This is the governor that is suing Trump because he was butthurt after the president took funds back. Funds that he was not going to use for a project funded by the government. Newsom can’t even keep his own state in order. California has an unprecedented number of homeless people. There are claims that California will soon be breeding the Bubonic Plague, due to all the waste. Newsom should not be coming down on anyone. He needs to stop running his mouth and start working to fix his soon to be plague-ridden state.

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