California Liberals Are Weird, Just Ask Governor Newsom’s Wife

Just when you think liberals have done it all and nothing they do could surprise you, they go and prove you wrong.

The wife of newly elected California Governor Gavin Newsom has decided that she does not want to be called the traditional title of “First Lady”.

She has decided to for-go the title for a more gender-neutral title, “First Partner”.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom is the wife of the newly elected California Governor. She also “known” for directing a number of unheard of documentaries such as “The Mask You Live In”, “The Great American Lie”, and “Miss Representation”.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom changed her Twitter bio to reflect the new title of “First Partner of California” on Monday, the day of her husband’s inauguration in Sacramento.

Newsweek reported,

Siebel Newsom’s husband, Gavin Newsom, was inaugurated as California governor Monday. The Democrat beat his Republican adversary, John H. Cox, in November’s election. The Office of the Governor did not immediately respond to Newsweek‘s request for comment.

His inauguration made headlines around the world when the couple’s sleepy son, Dutch, 2, invaded the stage during his father’s speech. Family members tried to coax the weary toddler off-stage before Siebel Newsom eventually picked up the child and carried him back into the audience.

Oddly enough, or should I say inconsistently enough, Jennifer’s Twitter profile has her as being “Married to Mr. @GavinNewsom”.

This just serves to show how inconsistent and insincere these liberals really are when it comes to this stuff. It’s all a facade. She doesn’t want to use the word “lady” for herself (maybe because she’s not) in order to appease snowflakes, but she’s perfectly okay with using the term Mr. for her husband.

The governor’s swearing-in ceremony was interrupted by a protester who shouted

“I object! I object. He’s already broken that oath. It was a slap in the face to every American citizen, to Ronil Singh’s family in particular. Every American citizen that’s been victimized by the policies that he put into place. It was the absolutely appropriate time to call him out. Corporal Ronil Singh’s blood is on your hands.”

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