California Passes New Resolution Blaming Religions For LGBTQ Hardships

California is once again playing the blame game. They are looking for a scapegoat when it comes to the mental health problems of LGBTQ members and they have picked religious groups as their target.

On Sept. 4, 2019, the California Legislature passed Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99 (ACR 99), which blames religious groups and leaders for “disproportionately high rates of suicide, attempted suicide, depression, rejection, and isolation amongst LGBTQ and questioning individuals.”

Assemblymember Evan Low (D-San Jose), author of ACR 99, introduced the resolution on June 4, 2019, in hopes of garnering more support for this goal of completely banning conversion therapy for minors.

In 2012, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill banning conversion therapy performed by licensed therapists for minors. ACR 99 is taking it a step farther by paving the way for banning conversion therapy performed by religious leaders.”

Dean Broyles, president of National Center for Law and Policy, testified before the California State Senate in a hearing for the resolution, explaining that “This resolution will not foster or promote the classic liberal ideals of authentic tolerance, diversity, or inclusion. It will crush them and destroy them.”

The resolution is also a possible violation of the First Amendment, which not only protects people’s freedom of religion, but the establishing clause states that the government must remain neutral on issues of religion.

“ACR 99 represents a misguided authoritarian attempt to coercively mold the beliefs of California’s citizens regarding controversial and sensitive issues on human sexuality, and thus will only serve to chill and suppress the freedom of thought, speech, conscience, and religion of our citizens safeguarded by the First Amendment,” Broyles added.”

Never before has the State of California viciously attacked the Christian and religious community by blaming them for suicides and calling religious counseling for those who wish to abandon sexual urges and lifestyles ‘ineffective, unethical, and harmful,’” wrote Capitol Resource Institute in a press release.”

This has not become law yet, but still, it is a poor stance to have. Why do religions need to conform to the demands of LGBTQ? Why not just go somewhere else? There are plenty of religions that are similar that don’t care. This resolution sets out to infringe upon religious groups beliefs, when California should be looking for actual solutions to help the LGBTQ instead.

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