Californian Woman Blames Liberal Leaders For Killing Her Business

The way Governor Gavin is treating the state of California is reprehensible. The state has an out of control homeless population and if that were not bad enough they are leaving their waste all over the place. The waste is naturally attracting rats. A doctor claims that California may soon be harboring the bubonic plague. You know that illness that killed people back during the Dark Ages. So it should come as no surprise that the people in California are struggling and that includes business owners. A salon owner has called it quits because she can no longer run a successful business under these disgusting conditions.

The gov of CA and his liberal ideology ruined my business.. I decided to close the doors today. I can’t do it anymore and I’m irate. Sincerely a hard-working, self-built, self-employed California business owner,” her tweet read.

She posted about her troubles on Twitter but has since made her account private.

“I have to fight off people who push their way into my shop that are homeless and on drugs because you won’t arrest them for drug offenses.  I have to apologize to my clients as to why they can’t get into my door because there’s somebody asleep there,” she said.

“I talk to police offers. They told me to contact you. They want to do something and they can’t because you changed the laws. So I wanna know what you’re gonna do for us, the ones that are unhappy?” she said.

“Your liberal ideology is not working and I don’t know who you’re trying to please,” she said.”

Watch The Video Below.

How bad does it have to get before the Governor will step in? This is pathetic as we are talking about the United States here. The salon owner is not alone, there have been numerous attempts by Californians calling out the poor leadership. One Californian even asked Trump for help. But it appears the Liberals in charge have everything how they like it, as they have yet to fix these despicable conditions.

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