Candace Owens Calls Out The Left: Don’t Speak To Us Like Slaves

Conservative commentator and Turning Point USA Communications Director destroyed Leftists during a House Congressional Hearing on Hate Crimes and White Nationalism. Dems hate that she is a black woman that is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-Trump. So much so that anti-Trump Jerold Nadler even introduced her as a hateful person.

“I’m baffled,” Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) stated. “Because in the Chairman’s (Nadler) opening statement he said that you openly associate with “purveyors of hate….”

“Purveyors of hate, by his definition, is anybody that supports the president,” Owens clarified. “I support the president because he’s done a tremendous job in helping the black community, despite all of the rhetoric from the media and leftists that do not want him to be successful.”

“Conservatives are patriots, the president is a patriot, and I’m a patriot, and there is no skin color in patriotism,” affirmed Owens.

Buck then asked Owens how the president has helped the black community.

“He’s lowered the black unemployment rate, it’s the lowest its every been — I believe the last number I checked was 3.5 million people are off of food stamps, something that the Black Caucus — sat down and didn’t applaud, neither did any of the Democrats applaud, because they want a system where blacks are dependent on the government.

They are people that put in place the policies that broke down the black family, and the biggest problem that’s facing our community is father absence. In every room that I’ve been with the president, he talks about real issues, and he doesn’t pander to us, he doesn’t do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s southern drawl accent and speaking to us like we’re slaves. He asks us important questions, and the most important question he could’ve asked was, ‘black America, what do you have to lose?’ because we were already losing under Democrat leadership.”

She even commented on how the president put out an executive order to get free speech back at college campuses.

“I do a campus tour, tonight I’m flying up to University of Connecticut to continue that,” said Owens, “and we are being met with aggressive leftist groups. Three Antifa chapters have declared they’re going to try to shut it down, and we face this violence every day on the left, and nobody ever wants to talk about it.”

“We’re not talking enough about political hatred in this country,” continued Owens, “we’re not talking enough about conservative activists being attacked, like myself, and we had a student whose dorm was set on fire for being a member of the Turning Point chapter, and all we preach is for free markets and capitalism as a means to lift the most people out of poverty.”

“And, of course, my main thesis is that black people do not have to be Democrats, and we are not owned by the left,” stated Owens.

Watch The Video Below. 

Dems should be shaking in their boots. Candace Owens is a strong independent black woman that is far too smart to fall for the Dems BS. And she is spreading the word trying to warn her community about the Democrats bad nature.

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