Car Thief Gets Ride From Fake Lyft Driver… In Stolen Car – Officers Have A Field Day!

Police Hit ‘Two Birds With One Stone’ When Pulling Over This Bogus Lyft Driver In A Stolen Vehicle

According to KPTV, a suspect who abandoned a stolen car was picked up by a driver in another stolen car that had a glowing sign for the Lyft ride-sharing service, according to police.

Gresham officers spotted a stolen vehicle near Southeast 162nd and Stark Street at 12:15 a.m. Thursday. The car was later found abandoned near 162nd and Burnside Street.

Officers surrounded the area. A few minutes later they spotted a vehicle entering the area with an illuminated Lyft sign.

Suspects’ photos taken from the Gresham Police Department’s Facebook

The driver of that car was picking up a man who matched the description of the suspect driving the first stolen car.”

Officers stopped the second car and determined the woman behind the wheel was not a Lyft driver and the car she was driving was also stolen, Fox News reported.

In a bizarre twist, both cases, though unrelated, led to the arrest of both suspects.

As Written On Gresham Police Departments Facebook:

“Woman Picks Up Stolen Vehicle Suspect While Disguised as a Lyft Driver.

What seemed to be a brilliant ruse backfired on Thursday morning. Around 12:15 a.m. a stolen vehicle driver eluded police in the area of SE 162nd Ave and SE Stark St. Officers did not pursue but located the vehicle minutes later unoccupied near NE 162nd Ave and Burnside St. A perimeter was established to attempt to contain the suspect. Minutes later, an officer observed a vehicle with a glowing Lyft sign pick up a male matching the suspect description from within the perimeter. The vehicle was stopped and officers discovered not only that the woman was not a Lyft driver but that the vehicle she was driving was stolen. The passenger was identified as the suspect of the original crime.

38-year-old Stephanie Schramm was booked for Unlawful Use of a Vehicle, Interfering with a Peace Officer and Possession of Methamphetamine. 21-year-old Corey Johnson was booked for Unlawful Use of a Vehicle, Attempt Elude, and miscellaneous other charges.

The lesson learned, in a time when it’s better to blend in, the brightly glowing Lyft sign might stand out a little. Thank you for posting the large look at my sign on your dash.”