Caravan Migrants Admit They Are Not Coming Here To Get Asylum

Every day our border is under attack as more and more migrants arrive and attempt to bypass American law. The Democrats claim that these are people under attack looking for Asylum. There is even a lawyer that is in the process of filing a class action lawsuit to sue on the behalf of these migrants. But the truth, as many of us know, is that many of the migrants are not looking for asylum they are looking for work under the guise of asylum.

Recently reporters interviewed some migrants and they gave answers that prove the Dems wrong.

But others are well aware that not everyone can get asylum.

“We came to work. I know I’m not getting asylum because they don’t give you asylum for hunger,” said Carlos José Romero, 20, from Santa Rosa, in Honduras, who arrived on Tuesday night. “But us on the caravan would rather die fighting than sitting in Honduras waiting to starve or be killed. If they deport us we’ll come right back.”

“Olvin Joel Lobo Reyes, 21, who said he left Honduras because of poverty and was seeking a job in the United States, arrived on Tuesday among a group of about 350 caravan migrants. He spent the night in a small shelter in downtown Tijuana that had no running water, and was planning to try his luck on Wednesday in Playas, a borough in western Tijuana.

As for achieving his goal of getting a job in the United States, he had not figured out how he was going to do that. He was planning to wait for the bulk of the caravan to arrive because his understanding was that the group would march to the border en masse “and see what Trump says.”

He, like many migrants, hoped that the force of the gesture would persuade the American authorities to relent and let them in. If that didn’t happen, he had a Plan B: to stay in Mexico and look for work. And even a Plan C: to sneak across the American border with the aid of a smuggler.”

This is the reality of the situation. This feels more like an invasion than a mass amount of people looking for Asylum

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