Caravan Participants May Be Getting Fed Up – Some Claiming They Just Want To “Go Home”

In what can be considered a win for the US some of the caravan members are now getting homesick. After Sunday’s violent display many of the migrants are concerned for their welfare as this is not what they signed on for. The caravan was supposed to be peaceful and the action of some of the member may have ruined it for everyone.

At present, officials say the total number of migrants in Tijuana alone breaks down this way: 6,062 total, comprising of 3,877 men, 1,127 women and 1,058 children.

These migrants are tired, restless and growing frustrated by the reality that it’s proving much more difficult to get across the border than they had anticipated.”

Many of the migrants may feel mislead as they believed it would be easier to get into the United States. Could be that all of the LIberal lies made them feel that the border was more open.

On top of being misled these migrants are also having health issues as the long trip from Central America has put a strain on them.  “Walking between the jam-packed tents, a cacophony of coughing can be heard day and night.”

The Mexican Government has set up a tent offering the migrants safe passage back to their home countries. So far 198 have taken them up on their offer to return home. Many more are expected to follow.

The migrants are still being offered asylum and temp work visas from the Mexican government. But many of the migrants are still disillusioned with dreams of entering the US.

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The Mayor of Tijuana claims their presence is too much and they are running out of resources to care for them

“We need help. This is very costly,” said Delegate Genaro Lopez Moreno. “This is costing us $30,000 to $40,000 dollars a day to keep these people here and all those funds have to come from some place – and it is municipal funds.”

And another 2-3000 migrants are expected to be joining them at the border.