Caravan Proves They Don’t Want ‘Help’, Refused Food And Shelter From Mexico [Video]

The American Border is about to get hammered by a massive caravan of South Americans. The Caravan has been steadily heading this way. Trump called for aid from southern countries to stop the caravan but most have been apathetic. But thankfully Mexico stepped up and tried to offer aid to slow this horde.

Mexican Authorities put up a blockade and made the migrants an offer.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto launched a program on Friday dubbed “You are home,” which promises shelter, medical attention, schooling and jobs to Central Americans who agree to stay in the southern Mexico states of Chiapas or Oaxaca.”

The Mexican Police Commissioner told migrants that if they get into his vehicle they will be given aid. But it looks like they have rejected this humanitarian effort. The Mexican Human Rights Commission felt that it was inhumane to hold up the caravan on the Highway. Since there was not any shade or amenities available for them in their held up location.

Some of the migrants have turned down the offer suspicious that it is an attempt to deport them. There are plans to try the offer again when the caravan reaches Mexico City.

Orbelina Orellana, a migrant from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, said she and her husband left three children behind and had decided to continue north one way or another.

“Our destiny is to get to the border,” Orellana said.

She was suspicious of the government’s proposal and said that some Hondurans who had applied for legal status had already been sent back. Her claims could not be verified, but migrants’ representatives in the talks asked the Mexican government to provide a list of anyone who had been forced to return.”

Watch The Clip Below.

The caravan may come in peace but they still have to follow the laws of the land.

This caravan is the result of the Democrats with their push to weaken our border policy. They have turned public opinion away from our protective laws, thereby demonizing the Zero Tolerance Policy we had in place. Trump spoke out against the Democrats and their stance of putting Americans second.

The United States has been spending Billions of Dollars a year on Illegal Immigration. This will not continue. Democrats must give us the votes to pass strong (but fair) laws. If not, we will be forced to play a much tougher hand.”

Authorities said more than 1,700 had already applied for refugee status.” But there are still supposedly thousands that are planning to continue north to the U.S.

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