Charlie Daniels Comes Up With Modern Twist To An Old American Favorite

Charlie Daniels has made it pretty clear on what side of the fence he stands on and he is not one of the Hillary Liberal Cronies. He is instead an outspoken conservative. He believes in American Freedoms, like our right to bear arms. He is also a Christian and long-standingĀ NRA member.

He is an average American that has values most of us can get behind.

“I am a white American male, lifetime member of the NRA, Speak with a southern accent, eat bacon, love fried foods, hate political correctness, believe any healthy man who won’t work should not be able to eat, and that anyone who rapes a child should be hung after castration”

He even understands that Hillary should quit her yapping and move as she was the worst possible choice, with her corruption and lies.

“The powers that be were so sure and so arrogant that Hillary would be elected and all their crimes would be covered up that they left a lot of loose ends that are now exposed and being tugged on. Be interesting to see what parts of the fabric will come unraveled.”

Daniels recently came up with his own verse for the old tune “Home On The Range.” It’s a play on the current state of affairs how we have a culture that is anti-gun and overly Politically Correct. So much so that we have safe places at colleges and people afraid of using gender pronouns.

“Don’t give me a home Where the snowflakes all roam Where the wimps and the anarchists play Where never is heard a conservative word And the safe zones stay busy all day.”

Watch An Interview With Daniels Below.

Kinda catchy and sums up how things are. The Video is still relevant, conservatives are still under attack. We have college campuses where conservative speakers are booed and forced out of speaking venues. All because their ideas don’t match up with the Liberal narrative. It seems like some colleges are less about learning and free thinking. They are instead simply liberal indoctrination and can’t stand to allow a voice of reason on campus.

We need more conservatives like Daniels to continue to speak out against this anti-conservative movement.

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