Chicago’s Socialist Mayor: Last Stab At The Working Class Leaves Taxpayers In Agony!

The Chicago Mayor, who is being run out of office by infuriated citizens, takes one last stab at the city’s taxpayers. Mayor Emanual shook his city into division by creating a sanctuary for illegals amits rising crime rates. His final insult to the legal working citizens of Chicago should get him ran out of town!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel will form a task force that will consider implementing the so-called “universal basic income” program in the city, as the embattled mayor seeks to cement his progressive legacy after promising not to run for another term.

The idea for the program, which would make monthly payments to a number of Chicago families without any conditions, has been floated around in the city for months now.

Back in June, Chicago’s North Side Ald. Ameya Pawar introduced a resolution calling upon the mayor to launch the pilot of the program and pay 1,000 families $500 every month, According to Fox News.

As Investors points out, a universal basic income would destroy any incentive people have for bettering themselves through further education, training, relocating to a better area to find a job, or even just getting up from the couch to look for work down the street. Why bother? Check’s in the mail.

Worse still, it is indiscriminate. Most Americans agree on the need for a safety net for the truly needy and destitute. Giving money to those who are neither needy nor destitute undermines that, too.

Then there’s the money problem.

One of the most common suggestions we’ve heard is that every American should get the equivalent of about $10,000 a year. But as the American Enterprise Institute’s Robert Doar recently noted, that would come to about $3 trillion a year. That’s far more than we now spend on welfare, and more than we currently collect in income taxes.

Where will the money come from? Those who work. It will be a massive redistribution scheme, as we noted, from those who work to those who don’t.

But things like that don’t concern socialists. After all, unemployed people can still cast votes.  It’s truly baffling that this is the solution rather than something more sensible. Like, lowering the Democrat’s money grabbing overinflated taxes to make their cities more affordable.  If not then how about better hands-on work programs using the taxes they pry out of the hands of the working class every year?

The work ethics of the younger generations are ever dwindling but rather than create a more affordable, more work-friendly economy, Democrats would rather throw other people’s money at the problem. I’m no economist but this is an obvious failure in the making.

Just more of the same; Democrats taking rights away from Americans to choose what causes they want to support. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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