China Expert Praises Trump For Standing Up For America

China Expert Gordon Chang praised Trump for standing up to China. He claimed that it is a step in the right direction. He feels we are too close to the Communist country that is only in it for themselves. Chang claims China steals our technology regularly and that there are far better trading partners. He even talked about how we are getting the often lethal drug fentanyl from them.

Chang started, “The fentanyl comes from Chinese sources, and these are well-organized gangs. In the semi-totalitarian state that Beijing runs, the Communist Party knows what’s going on. Trump was right to call the Chinese out on this, and the fact that Beijing didn’t do anything about it is a real indication that they were very happy to kill tens of thousands of Americans each year, which means that we should be very happy not to do business with China and close our markets to China, and disengage our economy from them, and give them as rough a time as they’ve been giving us.”

On Thursday, Trump announced that his administration would impose a ten percent tariff on the $300 billion of imports from China that have not yet been subject to new import duties, beginning in September.

“This is a great day for the United States of America,” said Chang of Trump’s promise to levy additional tariffs on Chinese imports. “First of all, Chinese leaders are used to deference from their American counterparts, and Trump absolutely showed Xi Jinping that the United States is just not going to bow down to Beijing. A lot of people said Trump is not going to do this, to oppose the additional tariffs on the remaining $300 billion of goods. They were saying consumers would complain, that Trump is too worried about the stock market, that Trump needs a trade deal for the November 2020 elections. Well,  the President of the United States showed that everybody was wrong. He certainly surprised me [by] doing this.”

Chang added, “What [Donald Trump] did was show that the United States has that one element that we were concerned about, and that is political will. President Trump exhibited political will today, and that’s a great thing.”

Chang praised Trump’s foreign policy toward China.

“I actually think that, with regard to the China tariffs, Trump is probably about the only person who could’ve done it,” estimated Chang. “Or let me put it this way: he was the only person who would’ve moved this fast. I think any American president would’ve eventually gotten to where we are today, it just would’ve taken a year and a half to two years, and of course, right now, time is everything, so it’s important. I think the president deserves a lot of credit for what he’s been doing with regard to trade with China.”

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