Cindy McCain Says Trump Isn’t Doing Enough for The Border Wall, Wants To See More

Cindy McCain took a jab at Trump during a discussion about Human Trafficking. She claimed Trump was living in Disneyland if he thought the border wall was going to stop human trafficking.

The people that are coming over the border, for the most part, are not trafficked individuals,” McCain told Cynthia McFadden. “It’s people within our own walls, in our own borders, so a wall is not going to fix this, but education will and awareness will and strengthening our laws will.”

 “The misnomer in this is that somehow this occurs outside the country, that somehow its another country — not us, ever us. Well, it is very much us,” she continued. “The trafficking I’m talking about with you is domestic trafficking, these are domestic individuals being trafficked.”

Cindy McCain added that she thought her late husband would have been upset about how things are going in Congress.

“I am quite certain he knows what’s going on,” she said. “I know he’d be so upset over this because of the tenor, the lack of inaction on many members’ parts, specifically on members of Congress. He would’ve been right in the mix saying we’re going to work together, please let’s not fight. That’s who he was.”

She added: “Oh, he loved a good fight. Heck, yeah. But it was never personal with him. He and Ted Kennedy used to fight like cats and dogs on the floor. But they were the best of friends. I wish we could go back to that.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

I get that Trump does not have the best relationship with the McCains but the wall does help to prevent people from crossing the border. It is a deterrent that prevents migrants from easily getting in. Even if they were to try and get over the wall it still takes time and that time could be what the Border Patrol needs to get arrive and send them back.

The border wall is not the only defense needed we, of course, need cameras and more manpower. But it is a step in the right direction and she should at least realize that.

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