Clinton Compares Herself To Winston Churchill – No Joke

What a doozy, so now Hillary Clinton compares herself to historically monumental figures? Why is she still talking?

According to the Westen Journal, Hillary Clinton sees a parallel between herself and British statesman Winston Churchill, according to comments in a recent interview in which she also slammed President Donald Trump while discussing the potential rise of fascism.

Clinton, who is on tour in Britain, spoke with reporter Decca Aitkenhead of The Guardian.

In the interview, which mostly consisted of Clinton criticizing President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, Aitkenhead raised the question of whether Clinton, as a “polarizing figure,” should promote unity by withdrawing from the public arena.

As Written By Monica Showalter With American Thinker:

Get a load of what her adoring media say, from Front Page Magazine, quoting the Guardian:

Hillary Clinton, in an interview with a British newspaper this week, appeared to compare herself to wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill while responding to a question about being a polarizing figure.

“I’m sure they said that about Churchill between the wars, didn’t they?” she told The Guardian when asked if she should withdraw from public life to help heal divisions in the U.S., given her reputation.

What a pathetic picture: a washed-up presidential candidate who was convinced she had it in the bag and who up until now has been otherwise blaming everyone but herself for it (as President Trump has noticed), now delving into the history books in search of delusions of grandeur.  “Between the wars”?  Like, out in the political wilderness, you know, before the big comeback?

Front Page Magazine rightfully pointed out:

Churchill was polarizing for a wide variety of reasons. But Hillary is polarizing because everyone hates her selfishness. Republicans and Democrats hate her for different reasons. But they do hate her. And her refusal to leave increasingly tops the list for Democrats. Republicans continue to enjoy having her to kick around. But for Democrats, she’s a living reminder of their corruption and shallowness.

BINGO! For Clinton to liken herself to someone like Churchill is a joke. The two are ‘known’ historically for two very different reasons. Does she need medication?

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