Clinton Forgets He Is NOT President And Calls For “Assault Weapons” Ban

Bill Clinton forgot he was a former president as he called for a gun ban. He wants an assault weapons ban, which Liberals usually describe as semi-automatics. Clinton seemed to be inspired to make a call for action after hearing about the recent California shooting. The killer was armed with a handgun and killed 5 people.

He posted the following on Twitter.

Twenty-four years ago, I signed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban into law. It, along with other policies, led to a 33-year low in the murder rate. We’ve done it before—we should do it again.”

Breitbart News reported that the “assault weapons” ban only prohibited certain cosmetic features for certain firearms, but it did not prohibit the guns themselves. For example, an AR-15 purchased in 1993 could still be purchased in 1995, it simply could not have a collapsible stock, a flash hider, or a “high capacity” magazine. A “high capacity” magazine could legally be purchased to go with the gun, the magazine simply could not be purchased with the gun.”

So during Clinton’s supposed “ban”, it was just tougher for law-abiding gun owners to modify the AR-15. Which means school shooting could have still happened during his presidency with an AR-15 carrying perp. A matter of fact one of the most famous school shootings happened during his presidency. Colombine. The shooters carried out their attack on the school while armed with two 9mm and two sawed-off shotguns.

A ban on assault weapons is just nonsense. Liberals are just looking for a way to tie “assault weapons” to sei-automatics which would ban most guns. But instead of being direct they are instead  trying to vilify these “assault weapons.” In order to eventually get the gun ban they want.

These anti-gun Liberals simply want to disarm law abiding citizens. If they truly wanted to help they would call for mental illness awareness and harden the security at schools. But helping Americans doesn’t seem to be their true intent.

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