CNN Analyst Goes Off Script And Backs Kavanaugh

A CNN Legal Analyst did something unexpected he wrote a pro-Kavanaugh piece and it was actually published on Granted it was an opinion piece, but still surprising the editor allowed it. Legal Analyst Paul Callan’s article is a scarce voice of reason on their openly biased website. He pointed out that Ford’s case is ridiculously weak against Kavanaugh. So weak that he feels Kavanaugh would be found innocent if tried in a criminal court.

Many Americans will ultimately come away from Thursday’s hearing feeling disgusted not over the character of Judge Brett Kavanaugh but that of those Democratic senators who attempted, on the weakest of evidence, to portray the judge as an attempted rapist,” Callan wrote. “Their strongest documentary evidence appeared to be inscriptions about beer drinking in his high school yearbook.”

America’s founding fathers wisely designated courts of law as the place where claims of criminal conduct such as sexual assault are resolved. They knew that such serious claims can only be thoroughly investigated and finally resolved by a judge or jury at a fair trial,” Callan wrote.

“Hundreds of years of experience has demonstrated that the truthfulness of witnesses can best be tested in the crucible of cross-examination. Christine Blasey Ford faced no such test before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday,” he added. “She made a very good initial impression but failed to fill in the troubling gaps in her story.”

Effective cross-examination of a critical witness cannot be conducted in five-minute segments interrupted by senators giving speeches praising the honesty and courage of the witness. This was not a serious examination of the truthfulness of Ford or Kavanaugh but a staged spectacle.

Had this been a court proceeding, the charges against Kavanaugh would likely have been dismissed or a verdict of “not guilty” rendered. On the evidence adduced at the Kavanaugh hearings, the verdict of the Senate should be that his nomination is confirmed.”
If only all of CNN was like this. They would actually be worth watching/reading regularly as opposed to these rare times when a voice of reason speaks up.
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