CNN BUSTED Spreading More Fake News About Trump’s Wall

A mass migration is in progress as migrants are lining our borders. Some seeking asylum but a decent amount are here for economic advantage. The only thing that is keeping them at least partially at bay is the Walls and border security we have in place. This shows that they are very much needed. But a CNN Host would have you believe that our current security is more than sufficient.

Trump recently sent thousands of troops to our border. They installed concertina wire and have helped to fortify the wall as much the skimpy budget will allow. CNN Host Alisyn Camerota claimed on Monday that it was plenty.

“Let’s talk about this. Nia, I want to start with you, because as unfortunate as this incident is, I’m not sure that it proves that we need a border wall; in fact, it’s the opposite the border worked, border security here worked. So, however many people rushed the border, 39 were arrested, they are going to be deported.”

“No one breached the border,” Camerota lied. “So shutting down the border worked and it also proves, that we don’t need a, I think, a border wall because the migrants made and went out of their way to go to the Tijuana entrance because the rest of the border was considered too hazardous, too dangerous to cross so they went an extra hundreds of miles to the port of entry in Tijuana because they considered that the easiest. So, in other words, the system is actually working…”

Watch The Clip Below.

As much as our border security has hindered the migrants from entering, 69 still illegally entered our country bypassing our defenses. And those are the ones we caught. There is no telling how many migrants were able to get through our defenses. Especially in areas where we have not been allotted the budget to properly defend.

But as per usual CNN fails to properly report the news.

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