CNN Host Tries To Back Track After ICE Agent Sets The Record Straight

Brooke Baldwin, a host at CNN, attempts to drive the interview with ICE agent, Chris Cabrera, but unfortunately for her, she drove it right off of the rails. During her interview with Mr. Cabrera, Baldwin tries to twist the facts about the treatment of families at the border but Cabrera quickly gave the host a dose of reality.

The ICE agent held his ground and explained that no one knows what it’s really like at the border like the agents. He describes several common issues they see every day that would make the average person sick to their stomach. Take a look.

As Reported By The DailyWire:

Cabrera explained that he’s witnessed pre-teens traveling to the border alone with their parents’ expectation that they would be raped in the process, and adolescents dying in front of him from heat stroke on the their journey.

“When you see a 12-year-old girl with a Plan B pill, or their parents put her on birth control because they know getting violated is part of the journey, that’s just a terrible way to live. When you see a 4-year-old girl traveling completely alone with just her parents’ phone number written across her shirt. I mean, come on now, something needs to be done,” he said. “We had a 9-year-old boy last year have heat stroke in front of us and die with no family around, and that’s because we’re allowing people to take advantage of this system.”

“If we want this law changed,” he said, “we need Congress to take action.”

Rather than address all he said in his devastating firsthand account of the grim realities of policies encouraging parents to send children to cross into the country illegally, Baldwin returned to her original question. “America is outraged,” she said.

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