CNN White House Correspondent Heckles President

CNN is known for its Liberal bias and being called out as Fake News. But recently they have been going for a new title, Worst Conduct at a Press Briefing. This is not new behavior as they somehow feel entitled to treat White House Officials like Sarah Sanders poorly, during Q&A sessions. But this time it wasn’t the inflammatory Brian Karem. It was CNN’s White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta.

Acosta is known for his loaded questions meant to throw Sanders for a loop, but this time it wasn’t Sanders that he was targeting. He heckled the President of the United States. During a Press Conference, he made the foolish decision to rudely shout at Trump.

“Mr. President, will you stop calling us the enemy of the people?!” He shouted at Trump.

Another journalist shushed him clearly not wanting to hear his obnoxious yelling.

But Acosta was not done as he wanted to make sure Trump heard him so he called out a second time.

“Will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people?”

He then looks back at the camera as if to say, did you see me yell at the president? As if this is a good thing.

Former CNN senior digital producer Steve Krakauer tweeted about Acosta’s rude behavior.

Watch The Video Below.

But this is not the first time Acosta has gone off the rails. He felt the need to try and force a question during a Diplomatic Meeting between the President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and Trump. The President had thanked the press and made it clear it was not the time for questions. But Acosta unwilling to be compliant kept at it trying to question the president.

Did you say that you want more people to come in from Norway?” Acosta hounded. “Did you say that you wanted more people from Norway? Is that true, Mr. President?”

Trump gave Acosta a look. “I want them to come in from everywhere… everywhere,” Trump said, clearly losing his patience with the rude reporter. “Thank you very much, everybody.”

Incredibly, Acosta didn’t stop there. He threw out a baiting question that clearly implied President Trump was a racist.

“Just Caucasian or white countries, sir?! Or do you want people to come in from other parts of the world… people of color?” CNN’s correspondent spat out.

That’s when Trump had enough. Calmly, but clearly, out of patience, he pointed at Acosta and said one firm word: “Out.”

It’s a wonder that they haven’t taken his White House Press Pass away. It wouldn’t be a matter of silencing the press but trying to uphold a civil conduct.

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