CNN’s New Outrageous Claim Seems Straight out of “1984”

CNN is known to put a spin on a story or to add a twist here and there to try and get their liberal audience to bite. But on a recent segment of Erin Burnett’s “Outfront,” they went overboard in comparing Trump to Hitler.

ERIN BURNETT: You have a lot of rhetoric out there that, at best, is problematic, right?  No rise in white nationalism, using the word “invade” today to talk about people of color coming into the United States on the same day you have a person massacre people, calling immigrants invaders. That’s just some of the rhetoric, coming from the very top in this country.

JULIETTE KAYYAM: Yes. And, it’s not an accident. Trump isn’t careless or whatever. This is a consistent feature of the president of taking one thing that, say, an African-American or a Muslim or an immigrant does, and imploding that into a national emergency, and then refusing to look at the totality of circumstances of the threat that right-wing extremism poses to us and sort of saying “well maybe the guy was crazy or we don’t know what he really believed.”

The president knows exactly what he’s doing. I cannot get into his heart, but what I can say is that the failure to condemn this, from the top, as compared to say what the New Zealand prime minister did, gives a sense of acceptance, if not lack of condemnation to those who believe it. Most of those people are not violent. Let’s just be clear here. But, some percentage of them will be, and they will not hear the isolation of there hatred that needs to come from the top, and it’s not excusable. It’s not carelessness. This is a purposeful tactic from the beginning from coming down the elevator.

ERIN BURNETT: And what is the purpose here? What is the purpose here, Bob?

BOB BAER: He’s appealing to his base, This is dog-whistle politics and it is racism. You can’t describe it any other way. When he called immigrants animals it was the same as Adolf Hitler used to call foreigners animals — Jews and Gypsies It’s the same politics. It’s neo-Nazism. He may not advocate violence, but for a lot of people that listen to him, as Juliette said, its an incitement to violence.

Luckily for us, reason won out in the last presidential election. So our country is prospering under Trump. Liberals are just trying to demonize the president in any way that they can.

What do you call “an illegal and usually forceful entry to an occupied, private dwelling with intent to commit a violent crime against the occupants, such as robbery, assault, rape, murder, or kidnapping?” Home Invasion. Are gang members and criminals among those that are entering our country? Absolutely. So we are in fact being invaded regularly. 

New Zealand’s Prime Minister is about to take advantage of a tragedy and ban Assault Weapons. Who does that punish? Law abiding citizens.

To address that last part, members of MS-13 are animals. There is nothing wrong with that statement. They are cruel and violent. Animals if anything is a nice way to put it.

Trump is not Hitler. He is not killing millions. Trump is doing everything he can to help America. Liberals just can’t handle how successful he is at MAGA.

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