CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Struggles To Defend Bogus Claim That Dems Support Border Security [Video]

The Democrats always claim that they are in favor of border security until someone calls them on it. In light of the Democrats failing to do their jobs and fund the Trump Wall, Wolf Blitzer had Stephen Miller on his show. Miller is a Senior Trump administration adviser. He easily destroyed Blitzer’s claim that Democrats support Border Security.

“The Democrats, all they need to do is support border security and the government will be funded,” Miller said.

“The Democrats support border security,” Blitzer interjected. “They don’t support $5 billion for a wall.”

“Could you identify Wolf for me, some of the kinds of border security you’re saying the Democrats support?” Miller fired back.

“With all due respect Wolf, they voted against Kate’s law, they voted against ending sanctuary cities, they voted against deporting MS-13 gang members, they voted against deporting violent criminals, they voted time and time again against a physical border wall to stop illegal entry,” Miller fired back.

“Where is the evidence you keep asserting they’re for border security?” Miller asked. “They haven’t been, they oppose closing loopholes for asylum that flood our system with meritless claims—”

Wolf saw that he was beaten and tried to change the subject.

Watch The Clip Below.

As you can see Wolf was not prepared to argue about the border. He stood no chance against the enemy of most Democrats: Facts.

Democrats are about to cause a government shutdown all because they refuse to support Border Security. Blitzer should have known he was wrong once he uttered the sentence.

But this is nothing new for the fake news network. Miller just debunked their attempt at fake news faster than they are used to.

Wolf Blitzer will have to find himself a less informed guest next time he wants to lie to the public.

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