College Wages War With Police, Bans Them Completely, Their Reason Is Just Stupid

  1. A Texas University allowed students to vote on a resolution to ban police on campus. This is the type of anti-cop rhetoric the left has been pushing that puts officers lives in danger. This is obviously a ridiculous resolution but you shouldn’t be shocked. After all, it’s the very same school that voted to ban ‘Turning Point USA’ from campus in an attempt to censor young conservatives.

Check out what the folks at Breitbart had to say:

Texas State University’s student senate recently held an “emergency meeting” to vote on a resolution calling on the school to ban its police department. The resolution was authored by one student senator who was arrested last week during an incident on campus involving the assault of a student wearing a MAGA hat, but appears to have not passed a student senate vote.

Texas State University student senator Claudia Gasponi — who authored a resolution last month to ban the school’s Turning Point USA group from campus — has now authored a new resolution to ban the university police from campus.

The resolution was drafted following the student senator’s arrest last week, along with three other students, during a counter-protest gone haywire.

The proposed legislation, entitled, “The Removal of Excessive and Abusive Policing Resolution,” calls for “the dissolution of the University Police Department,” due to the alleged “over-policing” on campus that “specifically targets and endangers people of color.”

“Texas State University’s student population is mostly people of color,” states the resolution obtained by Breitbart News, “and in order to be truly inclusive, the needs of people of color must be set as a priority and not an afterthought, especially in an institution that historically has disenfranchised people of color.”

So students are spinning the left’s narrative that police hate ‘people of color’? It seems like liberals won’t stop until they see the total annihilation of the justice system. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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