Congressman Meadows Calls Out The FBI For Ignoring Deadlines

The DOJ missed the opportunity¬†to meet Devin Nunes deadline to release documents from the Russian and Clinton investigations. That’s no surprise, but lawmakers are sick and tired of the delay and stepping up to speak out!

The Republican congressman from North Carolina tells ‘The Ingraham Angle’ that the FBI has not appropriately responded to the congressional subpoena for key documents in the Russia and Hillary Clinton investigations.”The DOJ and The FBI have the opportunity to become part of the cleanup crew or the cover-up,” Meadows explains.

So far, it looks like the latter. Take a look.

As Reported By Town Hall:

Meadows scoffed, “The one good thing that the FBI and DOJ is very good at is creative writing. You know, any time you would suggest that we have all the documents, when we have tens of thousands of documents that have not been delivered — As we speak right now, we have a valid subpoena that has not been really responded to appropriately, and it’s 97 days and ticking. And so for them to suggest that we have everything is just factually incorrect.”

On Friday night, the FBI sent two letters, one of them classified, to the intelligence committee, addressing “many of the questions outlined in the Committee’s outstanding subpoenas,” Nunes said.

But those two letters have “raised more questions than answers,” Nunes wrote on Sunday. “These questions include whether the FBI and Department of Justice leadership intend to obey the law and fully comply with duly authorized congressional subpoenas.”

Although the FBI did provide many documents to the committee last week, Nunes said those documents don’t address “the most important piece,” which is, “did you or did you not run informants in the Trump campaign especially before the investigation even began?”

A week ago Sunday, Nunes said there would be “hell to pay” if the FBI and DOJ continue to refuse the release of subpoenaed documents. It may be time for Nunes to follow through with that promise.

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