Conservative Webb Knocks Liberal’s Foolish Call To Ruin The Lives Of Minorities.

Many High School Students dream of getting accepted into a prestigious University. They work hard throughout High School aspiring for colleges like Harvard, Yale, or even MIT. This should be the goal of all students regardless of race to get into a college that will not only make them proud to attend, but also will give them the best education possible. But Liberal Sports Journalist Jemele Hill thinks that black students need to stop aiming so high. They need to stop thinking about their futures and instead worry about Black Colleges that are struggling to survive. She is calling for black students to turn away other opportunities and choose a black college. Fox Nation’s David Webb spoke out about Hill trying to ruin the lives of Black students, telling them to get the best education they can as opposed to worrying about the welfare of black colleges.

Segregation by ethnicity, predominantly for blacks, and also for other ethnic groups is just part of our history. It’s just fact. What America has done — in exceptional fashion as a nation — is overturn this and so much more to fulfill the promise in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal.  People are imperfect, therefore the Nation is imperfect.  We move forward in order to form a more perfect union.”

“There are those who would drag us backward for their own perverted reasons, under the umbrella of progressive segregation, and not surprisingly, wrapped in a lie of moving our nation forward,” said Webb

encouraging “black athletes to choose lesser of a potential future to satisfy her progressive segregation,” adding that this is consistent with the Left’s, “regressive progressivism.”

“[Some on the Left] think blacks cannot succeed where whites exist. If so, blacks are doomed because America is a majority white nation,” said Webb, “Self-imposed segregation is economically stupid, cultural suicide and not realistic.”

“When you’re an athlete in a college…you’re kind of a rock star on campus. Black, white, or otherwise, people look at you as a representative of their school. You are literally given a status above,” he explained.

This almost seems like a form of self-hate, why would you limit individuals of your own race from excelling. Webb is right to call out Hill. Students should go after the best school that they can get into regardless of race.

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