Corey Booker Compares Migrants To Holocaust Refugees

The Democrats are ridiculous when it comes to the border, they somehow fail to understand that we need to keep it secure. There is a plethora of data on the border crisis at this point. Dem Presidential Candidate Corey Booker should be well-versed on how there are bad elements entering our country illegally daily. Even the MSM reported on how migrants are mostly seeking economic opportunity, as opposed to the asylum seekers that Dems like to imagine them to be.

So it makes very little sense that he would say that these migrants are in any way comparable to War refugees, or Jewish people trying to flee Nazis Germany.

But that’s exactly what he did.

“Do you know how much billions of dollars we’ve done to increase the numbers of Customs and Border Patrol agents, of people involved in immigration? and based upon you hear the president talk, he uses languages, this is why knowing history is so important, he uses language like the political party of our past called the no-nothings, same language trying to then stop Irish and Italian immigrants, trying to make us afraid of people coming from the southern border with brown skin. But you know how many deaths have happened and terrorism since 9/11 and where that has come from?” Booker began.

“As much as he wants to make us afraid of people trying to come here escaping terror, not remembering like when we turned away other immigrants trying to escape terror. There was a ship that came here during World War II with a bunch of folks trying to escape the Holocaust and we turned it around where they got killed in the Holocaust.”

“The shame of that you’d think we would learn our lesson about people coming here to seek asylum, escaping terror.”

Watch The Video Below.

How is Booker this oblivious to the news? Bad elements are also part of this wave of migrants. By bad elements, they mean MS-13, drug runners, and criminals of all sorts. And Booker here would have us just open up our borders and take them in too? How is that good for America? These Dems don’t seem to care about Americans anymore.

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