Countrystar Abandons Her Fans With Her New Liberal Stance

The El Paso shooting has Dems in a frenzy, all waiting to bash the president over the insane actions of a madman. But surprisingly it also has caused a famous country singer to reveal her anto-gun stripes. Country Singer Casey Musgraves decide to get political and make a call for gun control. She also seemed to reveal that her gun knowledge is on par with most Dems.

Musgraves hopped on Twitter aiming to tell the president what he needed to do.

“For a man who clearly loves being well-liked, it’s indescribably mind-numbing to see him blatantly and murderously ignore doing ONE THING that would not only make people happy but would SAVE PEOPLE’S LIVES. True leaders don’t stand back and watch the world burn. @realDonaldTrump”

I love keeping things about the music and usually stay out of politics publicly UNTIL it barrels past political party preference points and dangerously encroaches on fundamental human rights. It’s then not political issue anymore. It’s a matter of heart. Of humanity. Of survival.”

Let me be clear – I’m from Texas. I grew up around hunting and guns. There’s a time and place for that and even self protection in ways..but this is different. The system is majorly flawed and NOBODY NEEDS ANYTHING REMOTELY AUTOMATIC. PERIOD. They’re mass killing machines. 

The shooter did not use any automatic weapons he used semi-automatic rifles that fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. Unless you are using a revolver or blackpowder most guns people use for self defense are semi-automatic. So this country singer doesn’t really know what she is talking about.

She talks about human rights but fails to understand that semi-automatic weapons save lives regularly. Most legal gun owners depend on their semi-automatic pistols to defend their homes from criminals. You’d think she would know better since she supposedly grew up around guns…

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