Court DESTROYS A Law That Forced Centers To ‘Promote Abortion, OR ELSE!’

A federal district court struck down a Hawaii law Thursday that required pro-life pregnancy centers to post information about a state agency that provides abortion referrals and funding.

Pregnancy centers would have been required to post signs informing their clients that the state of Hawaii “has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services,” including abortion, According to Town Hall.

The law was challenged by ‘Alliance Defending Freedom’ on behalf of Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor’s pregnancy center. The group defended at least 5 affiliated centers of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA). Saving their rights to choose but more importantly changed the future for centers across the island.

(NIFLA) issued this statement:

These pregnancy centers exist to defend life and give women the support they need in the face of an unplanned pregnancy. They offer free ultrasound and other prenatal care to pregnant women. Abortion, on the other hand, only offers death to an unborn child and the risk of physical, mental, and emotional harm to the mother.

“Hawaii’s pro-life, nonprofit pregnancy centers offer free practical resources, information, and emotional support to women—no matter what choices those women make,” said Derald Skinner, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor and President of “A Place for Women in Waipio.” “We’re grateful that the state has backed off its unconstitutional attack on our ministry. Our doors remain open and we continue to offer love, care, and compassion for all women and their precious little babies in our community.”

Forcing the centers to promote abortion was a hideously unconstitutional decision, to begin with, but the Hawaii law, which was signed by Gov. David Ige in July, obligated anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers to post a website and phone number that would tell women about clinics where they could go to receive pregnancy services, including abortions. Violators would face a $500 fine for the first breach and a $1,000 fine every time it occurred later.

“The bottom line is that no American should ever be forced to promote a message with which they disagree under threat of government punishment,” the Alliance for Defending Freedom stated.

Democrats have wasted so much time trying to stop SCOTUS nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, from taking his chair as Justice. All because they want to save their pro-abortion agenda. Little do they know, change is coming whether they like it or not!

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