Crime Prevention Researcher Dissects Warren’s Gun Control Plan

Crime Prevention Researcher and Gun Rights Activist Dr. John Lott has a lot to say when it comes to the misinformation Warren is spreading about Guns. Lott read Warren’s Gun Control plan and found that she needed to be corrected.

Warren pulled out a common Dem strategy of comparing car safety with gun safety. A tactic also used by Obama to explain the supposed need for gun control. The argument is that since there have been government studies and safety regulations for cars, cars have become safer. But Lott disagrees and claims that government intervention actually slowed the car manufacturer’s ability to make cars safe. He also claims that cars have continuously been getting safer as that has always been a goal of car manufacturers. The safer the car the better the rep and more return customers.

Government regulations slowed down safety regulations for a simple reason: the government micromanaged how companies would meet those safety improvements. It isn’t just that the government-mandated that car companies had to use airbags in their cars, it is that the government would tell the companies exactly how to make those bags and how to install them.

That forced car companies to wait on installing these safety features until the federal government told the companies exactly how they wanted the product made and installed. If the companies didn’t wait, they may find themselves spending hundreds of millions of dollars, or even billions of dollars, only to find that they had to redesign everything and start all over.”

Dr. Lott also contested Warren’s plans for stronger background checks.

“A lot of academic research by criminologists and economists on background checks on the private transfer of guns has found no effect on crime rates. There is a simple reason for this. A major source of illegal guns are drug dealers, who have weapons to protect their valuable property. You will have about as much success stopping drug dealers from selling guns as you have in stopping them from selling drugs, and if you think that you have stopped criminals from being able to buy illegal drugs, good luck thinking that you will stop them from being able to obtain guns.”

You can get more of Dr. John Lott’s facts about crime and guns here.

Warren clearly needs to check her facts and examples as they are outdated and clearly wrong. But seeing as her audience is with her on Gun control they will likely just take her at her word.

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